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Do God's Gifts really come to those who wait - St. John's recruiting update

God's Gift update

God's Gift Achiuwa, the solidly built forward from Erie Community College, had his official visit to St. John's last weekend - over Easter. Despite the trip being his last scheduled recruiting visit, God's Gift hasn't come to a decision yet. Johnny Jungle updates us with an interview with Achiuwa's coach Alex Nwora, who gave no hints as to which way God's Gift might be leaning.

From the Seattle Times, we learn that Achiuwa won't be planning any more trips. The Nigerian native God's Gift will speak to his family members before making their decision. More, below the fold.

In an attempt to hedge their bets, perhaps, the Red Storm will welcome Daouda Soumaoro for an official visit, a forward from Long Island's Our Savior New American whom the staff has kept an eye on.

The forward from Mali is a work in progress; he's slim, but runs the floor well according to reports, and hustles for rebounds. He may have the height and hustle to have a chance at the Big East level. He will also visit Texas Tech.

At one point, Fairfield was looking at him hard; now Charlotte, Iona, and Providence are among Soumaoro's possible suitors.