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Last week in the RITG (5-1 edition): Gifts from God + more Red Storm notes

It's been a busy week in the world, with the Alabama tornadoes, the Royal Wedding hoopla, and the White House Correspondents' dinner. And it's sad to hear that the seminal Red Storm site,, may have really bitten the dust. Obviously, we welcome fans who used to frequent Redmen - as we welcome all St. John's fans to the Rumble.

But of course, St. John's basketball still carries on, as Steve Lavin and his staff actively look for ways to put a better team on the floor next fall. Let's catch up with the last week of Red Storm basketball with a look back at this week's posts on Rumble in the Garden (aka RITG) with some addendums, below the fold...

God's Gift commits to St. John's. You probably heard this, I am sure. God's Gift Achiuwa, a player who may be more known for his name than his game, committed to the Red Storm this week. A bigger forward was a big need, and God's Gift fills the bill. He may never be some incredible offensive post player, but he should be able to battle down low, providing a physically developed big man for the Red Storm.

Before getting excited, check the link above about the upside and downside of God's Gift. He should be in the rotation, but he likely won't be the Red Storm's most important player. This weekend, Jakarr Sampson and Maurice Harkless are putting in work at the yearly IS8 tournament, open to late high school age players; and Sir'Dominic Pointer is playing well at IS* as well.

Daouda Soumaoro a target for St. John's? Soumaoro, another big man originally from the west coast of Africa, came to St. John's for an official visit and received a scholarship offer. Will he choose to go to a school where he will get more playing time? Or will he be the 10th newcomer for next year's Red Storm?  And what will that mean in the recruitment of an impact big man like Ricardo Gathers?

Daouda Soumaoro is listed at 6'9" and just under 220 pounds, solid size for an incoming freshman forward. He's known for his hustle and combines that with actual rebounding skill.

Phil Greene plays in the Chicago Hoops Classic. I went to watch incoming St. John's guard Phil Greene ball a little on DePaul's campus. He was an interesting prospect, with a lot of quickness and open-court speed. But he has some improvements to make, mentioned in our recap.

D'Angelo Harrison flashes diverse skills at the Derby Classic. Last week, D'Angelo Harrison - the high scoring guard from Sugar Land, Texas, just southwest of the Houston sprawl - showed some skills in the long running Derby Classic in Louisville. He didn't score a lot, but dished out 5 assists in 21 minutes. That kind of assist number doesn't happen by accident; is Harrison working on his secondary skills so he earns more time at St. John's?

Red Storm in review: Malik Stith. We took a look back at the year Malik Stith had, and whether he might be a strong contributor on next year's freshman-laden team.

Also: Jevon Thomas is making plays at Dallas EYBL Tournament.