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Afternoon rumble: the IS8 championship

The talent-laden IS8 championships ended yesterday afternoon with the Sean Bell All-Stars - Sir'Dominic Pointer's team - walking away with the chip. According to Zagsblog, Pointer had 12 points and 10 total rebounds; Jakarr Sampson logged 9 points and 7 rebounds for the losing team, the Real Scout All-Stars. Sean Bell used the lack of a shot clock to bleed time off and force the Real Scout team to foul in the fourth as they clung to a lead.

The other Johnnies on Real Scout? D'Angelo Harrison had 10 points, 8 steals, 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Moe Harkless' ankle was bothering him, and he only scored 3 points.

But you may have heard about the dunk that prompted Dom Pointer to say to the NY Post, "I’m going to remind him a few times," Pointer joked. "Let him know."

Video of the dunk - and more on IS8 - below the fold.

(Hat tip to Five Star Basketball for emailing the link.)

Ferocious and powerful, but I think it needs a little more "BOOF" action; Sampson wasn't enough under the basket for a true facial.

Great to see the future teammates getting to know each other. And with the departure of Dwayne Polee, that kind of camaraderie and familiarity will be sorely needed. For the ultra-young squad, it will be them against the world. We'll look deeper into the effect of youth on basketball teams this summer.

The tournament showed the finesse game of Moe Harkless, and the raw energy of forward Jakarr Sampson - who may be in need of a little more skill but made an impression with his athleticism.

Dom Pointer made a name for himself with his strength and ability; it will be interesting to see if he can handle a starting spot for the Johnnies at guard (where it's said he doesn't have quite enough dribble yet) or at wing (where Sampson, Harkless, and Amir Garrett will all see time).

And as for D'Angelo Harrison, he continues to show some defensive flash and a lot of fire and swagger - getting into an argument with future Georgetown Hoya Jabril Trawick after Saturday's semifinal game, chirping at opponents, and playing with confidence. Important to remember that a large number of steals doesn't always mean a good defender; he could be simply a good gambler, but it seems that Harrison is certainly trying to play D.