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Jakarr Sampson's monster dunk at IS8

You may have heard that incoming recruit Jakarr Sampson also had a filthy dunk at the IS 8 championships before Sir'Dominic Pointer boofed on his head.

Five Star Basketball was there at IS 8, and they send us video of Sampson's throwdown (hat tip to y'all). The dunk came on an assist in transition by D'Angelo Harrison - obviously working on his point guard game. Yes, Sampson's team lost, but that was a pretty nice dunk he drops - a display of athleticism for real.

The audio is "D'angelo... the pass.. OOOOOOO! On. His Head."

The video, below the fold for size reasons; it also will autoplay, so adjust your volume accordingly.

If nothing else, with Pointer, Sampson, Harkless, and Pelle, next year's Johnnies will have some sweet transition dunks. Even if the league's fans look over at the Red Storm roster and just see youth upon youth.

Which dunk do you think was better - Sampson's here or Dom Pointer's on Sampson? Here is that Pointer dunk, to remind you: Sir'Dominic Pointer dunking on Jakarr Sampson.

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