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Another look at Ryan Harrow, from the NC State perspective

As reported yesterday, former 5-star point guard Ryan Harrow is looking at St. John's, among other schools.

Harrow has dynamic potential... but he didn't turn that potential into efficient scoring or winning basketball. Should Steve Lavin and the Red Storm take a risk on the transfer from Georgia? Or is Harrow a lot of style and quickness, signifying nothing?

I reached out to the NC State Wolfpack blog on SB Nation, Backing the Pack, to get the viewer's eye take on Ryan Harrow's game, style, and mental state. There's good to Harrow... and there's bad. Read what Akula Wolf, the main man on the NC State blog gave in response - below the fold>>

Akula Wolf, take it away...

I'll start with the negative. Ryan's size was an obvious liability this year. He had trouble defending anybody and struggled with his shooting both inside and out. Most of his shots inside the arc came off the dribble - he'd attack the paint and then fire up a floater before the opponents' forwards could get into position to block his shot. His speed allowed him to plenty of looks inside, but his height made finishing in there a problem.

He never developed a consistent jump shot, and I think that's the primary thing holding him back at this stage in his career. He was just 12-54 from three, which allowed opponents to play him for the drive.

But he was very good at the free throw line (87%), and he wasn't that poor of a shooter in his last year of high school (33% from outside, if I recall correctly), so there are signs he'll get better. And once he does, look out.

He's a fantastic ballhandler--he was our best from day one--and when he turned the ball over, usually it wasn't because he lost the handle, it was more often the result of a poor decision. Overall, though, he was outstanding in this department - only turned it over 18% of the time, which is a good number for a point guard, not to mention a freshman. His quickness, speed, and ballhandling are his biggest strengths.

As far as his personality goes, I think the biggest thing is he pays way too much attention to criticism on the internet. He wrote a letter to State fans urging patience before he'd even set foot on campus, and it was clear through various Facebook and Twitter posts that he read the message boards and was affected by the negative opinions. I'm not sure he was prepared for being put under the microscope, and he didn't do himself any favors by actually paying attention to what people on the internet were saying.

Should he end up at St. John's, I think you guys will like him a lot; he has huge potential, and he has a knack for the highlight reel play because of the way he can handle the basketball. I was sorry to see him go.

What do you think? Is Ryan Harrow worth giving up a scholarship that could be used on Kyle Anderson or Ricardo Gathers?