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Ryan Harrow update: Harrow's from Queens?

We are tracking the possible transfer destination of former North Carolina State guard Ryan Harrow, a highly touted player who, after a coaching change, decided to transfer from the Wolfpack program. Harrow indicated interest in transferring to St. John's; and we got a review of Ryan Harrow through Wolfpack eyes.

Now, Adam Zagoria comes in with an update, and a bit of surprise; Harrow's family has connections to Queens:

Asked if all five schools were equal in their minds going in, Matthews had this to say: "No one has anything any better than these five, other than St. John’s is our home."

The family has deep connections to Queens and the New York area.

Both Fern and her husband, Mark, grew up in Queens. Former St. John’s assistant Ron Rutledge is a close family friend whom Harrow refers to as an "uncle."

Now, that might be a little slant to a NY-area writer, and maybe Ryan Harrow won't end up with the Red Storm, but that's a very curious piece of information about Harrow and why St. John's is so high on his list. The Red Storm staff is looking for the best talent they can get, regardless of who is already on the roster or slated to come; I suppose these things have a way of working out in the end...

If I were from Queens, I'd want to play for St. John's as well. Interesting that none of this was knowledge when Harrow was looking at schools two years ago. Of course, the former staff didn't stray much from the northeast in looking for recruits, and the team was struggling; hard to convince recruits to take a risk on Norm Roberts' program.

Can the Red Storm staff bring Ryan Harrow "home?"


Programming note: the blog will be on vacation next week. Feel free to comment on this post with updates on Ryan Harrow's transfer moves and other St. John's related-issues; there are some posts set to be published while I am gone.