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St. John's Joe Panik signs contract with San Francisco Giants

Joe Panik, the star shortstop for the St. John's Red Storm, was picked 29th in the 2011 MLB draft. Panik has signed a contract/ agreed to terms with the San Francisco Giants. Since the contract was completed quickly, rumor has it that Panik's contract should be around for $1.1 million, which is the recommended contract price for the 29th pick in the draft.

Panik projects as a second baseman for the Giants, according to a few publications. Good luck to Joe as he embarks on his major league baseball career.

Joe hit .398 on the season with a .508 on-base percentage and .642 slugging percentage for the Red Storm. Panik hit 10 home runs, drove in 57 RBI, and had 21 stolen bases on the season. (more statistics from Red Storm Sports)

John Sickles talks about Panik's game, his polish, and how he should be ready in the majors.

That, and a pair of scouting videos, below the fold.

John Sickles on Joe Panik:

He should have at least gap power in the pros, and his combination of plate discipline and ability on the bases will make him an asset at the top of the order. Although some scouts believe he'll have to move to second base due to his arm strength, but others believe his positioning and instincts are good enough to keep him at shortstop. Either way, his makeup is outstanding, and he has already proven himself with wooden bats in the Cape Cod League.

Meanwhile, Keith Law calls him a utility player in a pre-draft chat:

Panik = utility guy for me, some teams like him as an everyday SS, could see him going in sandwich round.

And a video with a slow motion look at Panik's swing: