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Harrison + God'sGift getting ready on campus

Good news to hear: D'Angelo Harrison has come by the St. John's campus to work out, and God's Gift Achiuwa is on campus in summer classes. And Achiuwa corrects us all on how to spell his name - It's not two separate words (God's + Gift), it's God'sGift. Let's keep that in mind, Johnny fans.

As mentioned in the first post of the Early Look series, college basketball's incoming players are hitting campus for their first summer sessions, getting some workouts in, and getting acclimated. On God'sgift (maybe we should drop the apostrophe, too?), Red Storm Sports updates us on God'sgift (with accompanying video of GG) who is taking theology and accounting classes. 

Meanwhile, Rivals caught up with D'Angelo Harrison, who caught a workout with Maurice Harkless and God'sgift, and saw his former AAU team, the Franchize All -Stars (with special guest rebounder Ricardo Gathers) at Rumble in the Bronx.

Harrison, the man with all that swagger, mentions that he plans to compete at either backcourt spot (and seems to think he can handle the on/ point guard position) and remarks on God'sgift's physique, "Big athletic freak, [he is] big, jacked, looks like Shaq."

God'sgift (GG) will be one of the most important parts of the Red Storm squad - he'll need to play major foul-free minutes for the Johnnies. And Harrison and Harkless will be looked upon for major points. We'll start the swagger meter for Harrison by the end of the summer, I'm sure.

Great to see that they're dedicated, coming by campus for work. But we're going to have to work on all these apostrophes. D'Angelo. God'sgift. Sir'Dominic. The fellas need short names/ nicknames.  How about Swagger, Gift, and Dunkin Dom?