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Live! St. John's baseball vs Virginia

Down in Charlottesville, the Red Storm hope to pick up another win in the NCAA Tournament against the hosts, the Virginia Cavaliers. If you're interested in watching live, you can follow via's live link.

From today's preview of the St. John's/ Virginia game:

Virginia - the number 1 seed in the country - is a 50 game winner and a tough match up for the Storm. Like ECU, Virginia has a very balanced lineup with all of their players producing. The Cavs don't have a player with over 7 home runs; they do a lot of their work with moving runners over and scoring on singles and doubles. Players to watch tomorrow are catcher Scott Hicks (.340 7 HR 51 RBI) and third baseman Steven Proscia (.331 7 HR 53 RBI).

Kyle Hansen will start, and have his hands full.

If you're behind, take a look at the recap of yesterday's game, a 2-0 win over East Carolina - also on the post with the Virginia preview. And take a look at the Red Storm baseball team's tournament path and tourney draw. And keep track of teams around the nation with the NCAA's interactive tourney bracket.

And vote for Joe Panik in the Golden Spikes Award ballot.

This is an open thread, so feel free to talk about the game below.