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Steve Lavin interview at Peach Jam (with notes)

Adam Zagoria caught a few minutes with Steve Lavin at Nike Peach Jam, where Lavin has been watching Kyle Anderson and Ricardo Gathers (but cannot say who he's been watching, per NCAA rules. But you knew that.)

- Steve Lavin comments on the St. John's basketball schedule: Steve thinks Detroit is a likely NCAA team (agreed); says the tough early schedule gives the coaches report cards on the team's strengths and weaknesses. The opportunity to play against the best prepares them for Big East play.

- The Newbies: He hasn't had the opportunity to see the new players on campus yet, since he started travelling before the summer session in Queens started.

- Health: Lavin feels good, with respect to the cancer; has a biopsy at the end of the summer to see how his treatment is going.

The comments about the schedule are in line with what we know about Steve Lavin since he was at UCLA - he likes to challenge his team, play and tweak with what his team does, and doesn't mind early losses as much as some other coaches - especially coaches without job security. 

With respect to recruiting, he also mentions that the Red Storm's priority is big men/ size, especially big men who can run, big men with skill.

You know, like Ricardo Gathers, even if he isn't that tall.

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