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Paris Horne signs in Germany with BG Gottingen

Congratulations, again, to graduated St. John's guard Paris Horne, who has been signed by BG Göttingen of German's Bundesliga.

The Göttingen squad was a second division team in Germany, but moved up to the first division in 2007 (per Wikipedia) to the top division (Bundesliga), winning the Eurochallenge tournament in 2010. Their season runs from October to June, per Red Storm Sports, and Ben Hansborough will also play in the Bundesliga.

The team loves Paris' defense and strength (use Google translator to half-translate the page - some doesn't come out in the translate, hence no quotes). The purple-clad Bundesliga side seems have been doing well, but they dipped a little last year, lacking in defense early (in German). But they have had some notable Americans on their roster, including former Villanova player Dwayne Anderson and former Washington State guard Taylor Rochestie, who is now playing in Berlin. They are coached by American John Patrick.

On Patrick and his style:

BG Goettingen’s success story begins much later when John Patrick, a former player in the German League, visited Goettingen and took interest in guiding the team. He was handed the coaching reins in 2003 and sparked a revival at the club with a run-and-gun offense and 40-minute full-court press on defense.

The team also features former Cornell guard Louis Dale, who played in both contests against the Red Storm in 2008 and 2009. They even have a fan blog, 8plus1 (who linked to our player review of Paris Horne). Is that a reference to the Wu-Tang Clan's Da Mystery of Chessboxing (video)?

Göttingen is a small town - apparently the home of the home of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry and of some charming streets...


...but not much else. The closest major city is Hannover, with Berlin and Hamburg not too far away.

Here's hoping for the best