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Amir Garrett signs with the Cincinnati Reds, will play for St. John's

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When we didn't hear word about Amir Garrett signing with the Cincinnati Reds, who drafted him a few months back in the MLB draft, it seemed that perhaps the two parties wouldn't come to an agreement by the August 15th deadline. Garrett, who has not yet enrolled in classes at St. John's, has been in Philadelphia with Norvel Pelle and Jakarr Sampson, playing in the Chosen League and getting ready for college hoops.

Late last evening, word came about Amir Garrett's baseball career. Amir Garrett tweeted that he was blessed to be able to play basketball for the St. John's Red Storm and play baseball for the Reds.

Just before the midnight signing deadline, the Reds released the details. Garrett will get $1 million dollars in contract money (no details on signing bonuses, structure, or incentives to leave basketball at some point), spread out over 5 years.

Congratulations to Garrett; it's an amazing thing to be talented and lucky enough to follow all of one's dreams.

Ignore the misinformation about the Reds wooing Amir away from basketball in the above link; the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Garrett will play at St. John's, and so does Garrett.

Garrett joins a long list of basketball players who also played baseball, including Kenny Lofton, Danny Ainge, and Dave Winfield. With basketball's season being fairly short, Amir can play in short season baseball leagues from June to September. Full season leagues would conflict with classes, but others have played basketball and baseball; a plot can be worked out.

For more on why Garrett is a coveted recruit on the mound, read our earlier posts on Amir Garrett's baseball profile and on Amir Garrett selected in the 22nd round of the MLB draft.

As for his hoops skills, he's got a developing shot, a fierce desire to defend, and ill crazy hops...

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