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St. John's recruits in the rankings (August consensus)

Now that all the major recruiting outlets have released their rankings after seeing players in the July recruiting period, we can look at where St. John's targets rank. 

Even better, the fine folks at Ballin is a Habit have compiled their consensus rankings, using Rivals, Scout, ESPN, CBS, and 24/7 Sports as their sources. Their methodology and rationale can be found in last August's introduction.

It's important to remember that rankings are just opinions, not true projections. Derrick Williams, for example, was ranked around 100 in most sources before attending Arizona... and he was the second pick in the draft this year.

Below the fold, notes on where St. John's targets and commits landed in the rankings.

From Ballin' is a Habit's consensus recruiting rankings (links on each player will take you to related stories on the Rumble):

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