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Afternoon rumble recipe: Lots of Mullin, West 4th Johnnies, a little Artest

Chris Mullin and Rodman, both Hall of Famers.
Chris Mullin and Rodman, both Hall of Famers.

St. John's student tickets are on sale, if you didn't see that already.

Now, for Chris Mullin week:

Ball Don't Lie tells the story of how Mullin and Larry Bird played to a tie... when they were shooting hoops for $100 a shot.

In honor of Mullin's impending Hall of Fame induction, ESPN's Kieran Darcy rates his 5 + 1 top five (+1) players in St. John's basketball history. they're all from the Redmen days, no Ron Artest. More links, below the fold.

Mass Live speaks to Chris Mullin, who was more afraid of leaving New York than staying home and playing under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden for his hometown Redmen. And Mullin preferred to be part of a unit instead of a singular star:

 And that’s how Mullin preferred it – to not be singled out, but recognized as a teammate.

"I really wasn’t taught the game from a one-on-one standpoint, thank God, because it wouldn’t have worked out at all," Mullin said. "At every level – college, high school, in the NBA and international – I played with other great players and they helped me all the time.

"It’s really just reflecting back, but my success came when I clicked with teammates, played well with them in a two-man game or a three-man game, whatever, that’s where my success came off of – my teammates," he added. "In college, Bill Wennington, Walter Berry and Mark Jackson, that’s where my success came from."

Speaking of Ron Artest, aka Metta World Peace, he tweeted a picture of a Cheshire Jets jersey; it seems that he's serious about playing in the United Kingdom. He'd better watch himself; he may not know it but England's, you know, filled with rioting. Queensbridge could be rough, but not like that. And besides, I'll believe he's going over there to play when he steps on their court for the first time.

I see conversation about Kyle Anderson's recruitment gets folks riled up... over on South Orange Juice.

Down at the West 4th Street Tournament, Johnnies old and new play in the cage. Maurice Harkless dropped 19 points along with former Rutgers commit Mike Taylor for the Bedford Y team; and there's even a little highlight video ($) if you have Rivals access.

Meanwhile, Paris Horne and Malik Boothe are playing for the Usual Suspects team, and give short statements about their future ($). Boothe doesn't know what he's going to do but is working hard; Paris talks about playing in all of the local leagues before he goes to Germany for ten months.

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