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For those wondering about Kyle Anderson's college visit

How did Kyle Anderson's unofficial visit to St. John's go? Kyle tweets

St johns visit was great but i dont wanna hear about college for the next couple days

Well, that's not as promising as what he tweeted after the Seton Hall visit. Or what Kyle said after the Georgetown visit

Obviously, St. John's chances are doomed. The stormy weather put Kyle in a foul mood, and the presence of Baron Davis on campus (after Kyle's visit, possibly?) did nothing to improve his mood. As the poll seems to be leaning (thanks to Georgetown fans), Kyle will attend Georgetown. 


In the coming days, there will be assurances, despondency, and a whole lot of yapping about where the top-tier guard/ forward will go for college. Remember: he's sticking to his September 20th deadline, so much of what you hear may just be hearsay. 

In the meantime, if you're in or around Paterson, New Jersey (and it's not a mistake*), check out Kyle and the St. Anthony's Gray Bees in the Wednesday Night Fall Ball League.

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*the first time I went to Paterson, my friend and I were hungry while driving back to NYC from West Virginia, got off the highway, and asked ourselves at 4 pm in front of a McDonald's, "Where the eff did we drive into? And how do we leave intact?"