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One more on Kyle Anderson... and Baron Davis

A couple of post-Kyle Anderson visit articles to start your morning off right. We know he said his visit went "great." And we know Steve Lavin's first big-time point guard at UCLA, Baron Davis, popped by St. John's to say hello - a reminder of Coach Lavin's craft and charisma.

A little more from the local media:

The NY Post with some details of Kyle Anderson's visit:

...he spent two hours in a meeting with the entire coaching staff, met the school’s president, Rev. Donald J. Harrington, C.M., hung out with the team and toured the campus.

And from Zagsblog:

The 6-foot-8 Anderson said by text he got the chance to speak with [Baron] Davis, who played for Johnnies coach Steve Lavin at UCLA.... "It was a productive visit," [Kyle said]

Of course, some people will try to read into the little information that Kyle Anderson has offered the media and prdict what college he'll go to.

Remember - no recruit ever says their unofficial (or official) visit flat-out stinks. Kyle Anderson's post-visit comments aren't worth nothing. But it's going to be hard for fans of any one school to parse the words and come up with an answer to where Anderson is going.

UCLA fans have to just love that Lavin brought Baron Davis in to say hello to Kyle on that unofficial, though. Kind of undercuts the whole Baron Davis dislike for Coach Lavin... he even went out to dinner with Lavin and his wife Mary Ann Jarou. At the very least, it shows (again) that the mistakes and anger of ten years ago can and should fade into memory.

Kyle Anderson makes his decision on his 18th birthday, September 20th. Less than two weeks away.


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