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St. John's vs Marquette: game thread

The Red Storm (8-7, 2-2 Big East) are in Milwaukee to face a Marquette (12-4, 1-2 Big East) team that has scuffled a bit in Big East play.

They're also hungry for a win, and St. John's is looking like a delicious slice of pizza. I'll be courtside for this one. As always, get intimately acquainted with the opponent with our comprehensive suite of previews:

Game 16: St. John's at Marquette

Marquette pregame: 5 questions with Anonymous Eagle + Cracked Sidewalks

Player evaluations: In Big East's first weeks; Harrison, Harkless shine

I just wanted to write "comprehensive suite".

Tune in to ESPNU for the game, follow along, and as always, we welcome comments, strange things you see on TV, and more; we'll be discussing the game shortly.

Do you think the team has a chance? What do they need to do to pull out the win?

How will Marquette defend D`Angelo Harrison and Maurice Harkless? In a Big East where Providence can smack the offense out of Louisville, where Seton Hall is on the up, and where Rutgers is a threat... anything can happen.

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