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Not Half Bad Podcast (St. John's/ Rutgers hoops) episode 2

The Not Half Bad podcast returns with Norman and Dave.


Just under 40 minutes of conversational goodness about St. John's basketball and Rutgers basketball, hosted by Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden. Recorded on Monday evening, posted on Wednesday morning.

  1. On Rutgers' coach Mike Rice's suspension and what it might mean for his job security,
  2. some stories of the many ways Rutgers coaches have managed to lose their jobs,
  3. the sublime Myles Mack,
  4. the breakway of the basketball-focused schools aka the Catholic Seven,
  5. how the changes in conferences could affect those schools' coaching situations including St. John's.
  • And Norman calls Keith Hornsby "Bruce," before insulting Chicago's culinary staples. Norman apologizes, he loves Chicago.

Next week, we'll talk about the team's young emerging talent at length. We promise, JaKarr Sampson fans.

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