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5 MORE questions on Georgetown with Casual Hoya

Will the second tangle with the Hoyas be better than the first? The now-more-depleted Red Storm face a Geowrgetown Hoya squad coming off of a close loss to the best team in the Big East (Syracuse), and looking to take their frustrations out on someone.

St. John's is coming off of a dispiriting loss themselves to Cincinnati. And having taken a 20-point loss to Georgetown earlier this year in Madison Square Garden, St. John's needs to work hard to NOT be the Sunday brunch special at Washington's Verizon Center.

Below, our homies at Casual Hoya on what's changed for the Georgetown Hoyas, and why it won't be a letdown game for Georgetown. Read it and tell us if you agree.

Q: What's changed with the Hoyas since the teams last met? Who's brimming with confidence, who's looking over his shoulder?

The freshmen have gotten better. Otto Porter, in particular, has become a man. He is probably our second best player at this particular moment behind Jason Clark. As for guys looking over their shoulders - Nate Lubick and Markel Starks. Both are sophomore starters who are seeing their minutes dwindle by the game. Hopefully both get it together in the next month, but right now it is not looking promising. Starks seems to be in an everlasting battle with JT3 over how to run the offense, and Lubick just can't stay on the floor with Porter taking his minutes.

Also, since the last game I saw 'The Artist' which I enjoyed very much and 'Moneyball' which I found underwhelming.

Q: What's with the offensive lull in the Hoyas? The last five games have only one contest where the Hoyas scored more than one point per possession.

This team puts a premium on defense. In previous years, we have been dynamos on offense, but couldn't get a stop to save their lives. JT3 clearly felt that he should recruit guys that get after it defensively and felt that he could teach them offense. I agree with this theory and change in recruiting style, but it has resulted in some offensive bumps in the road. Going forward, we're going to need to get Hollis Thompson more shots, because he can singlehandedly take over a game on offense. Currently, we have the best defensive team in the JT3 era coupled with the worst offensive team in his coaching tenure, and somehow, I couldn't be happier.

Q: What went so right in the second half against South Florida?

The game had a ridiculous 11am tip which put everyone out of synch in the first half. I'm not sure what USF's excuse was in the 2nd other than that they are a pretty bad team with putrid green uniforms.

Q: Once those filthy football-loving programs leave the Big East, will Georgetown rule the league? (How's that for a leading, red-meat-to-the-tigers question?)

I think Memphis could start to do some serious work. Josh Pastner has the in-game coaching talent of my left buttcheek, but he can really recruit. At some point, you just need to find the best talent and throw them on the floor, and Pastner is on his way to doing so. If Georgetown can keep JT3 and get a new practice facility though, look out.

Q: Are you worried about a letdown game against the Storm?

Not particularly. Don't you guys have like 3 active players right now? The nice thing about this year's team is our defense tends to keep us in games when we should have a letdown. I think the Syracuse loss was the best thing for this team, and we are primed to make a serious run in March. Now, if we lose to the Johnnies, it's season over and we're shutting down THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON until Document Your Lunch season hits over the summer.

Q: What should the Hoyas replicate or do differently against St. John's this time at home?

Limit turnovers and hit the glass hard. Also hope for Moe Harkless to come down with a stomach bug. It'd be nice to have a game where we shoot the basketball well and finish around the rim, because as you alluded to earlier, we've been "St. John's" on the offensive end lately, and by "St. John's" I mean S**TSHOW*.

*we refrain from naughty language in this motherplucker.

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