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Afternoon Rumble: Kennedy in D-League, Williams out of jail, Lavin at commencement

Screencap of <a href="">D-League homepage</a>. Via <a href=""></a>
Screencap of D-League homepage. Via

1- Former St. John's swingman D.J. Kennedy is playing well for the Erie Bayhawks in the NBA Developmental League, leading the team to a victory against the Austin Toros in the first of a best-of-three series. Kennedy starred with 19 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists - the kind of balanced stat line he often had while wearing the red and white for St. John's.

2- Head Coach Steve Lavin will deliver the commencement addresses at both the Staten Island campus on May 12th and on the Queens campus on May 13th. Will someone be there to record the litany of Lavin Lines Steve is liable to drop?

3- In less pleasant alumni news, former St. John's forward and NBA star Jayson Williams has been released from prison today after paying for his crimes - an accidental shooting of his driver and a Driving While Intoxicated arrest in 2010. Now 44, and with a history of alcohol and depressive problems, Williams will try to rebuild his life. From the article: "Jayson is in great health, mentally and physically," Williams’ manager, Akhtar Farzaie, said Thursday. "He has worked very hard toward his rehabilitation while he’s been incarcerated, and he will continue to do so."

Quick hits:

St. John's baseball is 19-14 (6-3 Big East). The Red Storm plays three games at home this weekend against the Connecticut Huskies, the Big East's first place team. The Johnnies knocked around Hofstra on Wednesday 16-3, using 21 hits - 4 each from Frank Schwindel and Matt Wessinger.

Also: free QDoba burritos if you go to check out the team.

St. John's lacrosse is also in action this weekend, facing Villanova. The lacrosse team is ranked #20 by the Inside Lacrosse Media poll; Villanova is ranked #15.

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