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Vote for your favorite highlight of the Johnnies 2012 season

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Around the network, many of the college blogs have been posting their favorite college highlights - so of course we're jumping into this pool. Now, the criteria is fluid – some folks like going for an all-time best highlight; others are sticking to the season that just wrapped.

There are many great highlights from the Johnnies in the last quarter century (before that, I can’t even really claim that I remember the highlights on TV). Marcus Hatten's steal and free throw is one of the most famous singular moments, even if the photo of Mullin and Jackson with the cut-down net in 1985 is a more iconic image.

But if sticking to this year, here are some choices the Rumble team has selected for your review. Feel free to suggest your own ideas as well.

Quinn suggests Amir Garrett’s drive to take the lead over Notre Dame with seven seconds left. Coupled with a good game plan that disrupted the flow of the fighting Irish offensive attack, it was a game where the young Johnnies athleticism was on display. Amir Garrett was all over the court in the final two minutes of the game. From the Rumble recap of the 61-58 win by the Red Storm:

  • With 1:41 left and an open Notre Dame player cocking back to hit a go-ahead three, Garrett covers ground and swats the attempt out of bounds.
  • With 56 seconds left and the team up 1, Garrett and Harkless pass the ball along the baseline, freeing Harkless up for a nifty layup - and a free throw, fouling out sharpshooting Pat Connaughton.
  • With the team desperately needing a score with 9 seconds left, Garrett snaked his way to a layup in two long strides from the top of the key.

"I heard [assistant] Coach Rico [Hines] on the sideline. He said, 'Go to work,'" [Amir] Garrett told ESPN. "That was the only thing that went through my mind, and I just went to the basket."

The final drive, captured by video:

Amir Garrett game winner Notre Dame

I am partial to Phil Greene's surprise put back at the end of this year's 66-63 win over UCLA. Neither team was an NCAA Tournament participant. But I am a vindictive man, filled with notions of revenge and dreams of others receiving their come-uppance.

The game spawned lots of Sir`Dominic Pointer highlights (the alley oop from Harkless, the put back he had through 3 or so other players - the first 17 seconds of this video), but the sight of Greene flying in, unmarked, to seal the game after a good UCLA defensive stand stuck with me.

Tim suggests one that should be obvious – Moe Harkless’ last-second put back of D`Angelo Harrison’s miss against Cincinnati.

While we can't find video of the play, here is a recap from the Associated Press:

Harkless' putback at the buzzer off D'Angelo Harrison's missed shot gave St. John's a 57-55 victory Saturday, ending the Bearcats' seven-game winning streak and giving the Red Storm its first road victory of the season....

Cincinnati's Jeremiah Davis made a 3 from the corner that tied it at 55 with 8.9 seconds left. St. John's called a timeout with 3.5 seconds to go after getting the ball across midcourt.

The idea: Give it to Harrison, who would either shoot right away or pass it in to Harkless.

"The play was initially for D'Angelo to get the ball and either get the 3 or look inside and pass it to me so I could get the shot," Harkless said. "But he had room to drive, so he took the floater and I was there at the right spot at the right time."

Take your pick in the poll below – or tell us another favorite moment of the season in the comments.

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