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Summer filler: ranking the Big East coaching jobs

Summer brings a need to make lists to fill in these endless days of content. Please keep these kinds of list posts in mind - we'll have some as well, and at the end of the summer, we'll vote on the most useless, banal, uninformative filler posts of the 2012 offseason. (I'll include Rumble pieces in there as well.)

Today's filler: a panel of 14 writers/ analysts at ESPN rank the Big East hoops coaching jobs.

I think their Big Three jobs - with the exception of Louisville - are mired deeply in the current coaches and current situations. A home gym is only "tough" if the fans are invested and the talented is competitive (see: Pittsburgh this season).

And I thought most considered the RAC's facilities to be a real albatross for Rutgers?

What they say about St. John's:

9. St. John's: The great thing about St. John’s? When the Red Storm are winning, everyone is a fan. The bad thing about St. John’s? When the Red Storm are losing, there’s plenty of other options. Blessed with NYC roots and the Garden, there is much to love about being the head coach of the Johnnies, but it is a job where you have to vie for attention every day.

That's fairly spot-on.

If you were directing a coach to a job, and every head coaching position was in play, which would be the best and worst coaching jobs in the Big East? How would you go about evaluating the quality of each schools' head coaching position?

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