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Josiah Turner to go pro instead of to SMU

A bit of record-keeping: if you didn't see this, Josiah Turner - the talented point guard who considered transferring to St. John's - has decided to go pro instead of transferring to Southern Methodist with new coach Larry Brown.

He spoke to Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports, revealing that his DUI on the Arizona campus was just a part of the rumored problems with Turner - drinking and marijuana played a role in his struggles with the Arizona Wildcats.

"My dream is to be a professional athlete in the NBA and I think this is what's going to bring me closer to it," Turner said to Yahoo! Sports.

Josiah Turner was one of many players scheduled to visit the Red Storm in February, when it seemed that the Johnnies had seven scholarships and no takers. Since, the Red Storm have brought in a talented and stable class, including a few four-year, athletic "upside" players. Turner was not needed; in fact, he never made it to New York for his visit.

Good luck to Turner, and we hope he manages to abide by the discipline in the Developmental League or abroad, wherever he lands. Turner is a talented guard with good size for the professional ranks. But no coach wants to handle a green player who will routinely have to sit out with "flu-like symptoms" or whose performance on the court or in practice is spotty.

Turner may have flourished with the player-oriented coaches of St. John's (and some discipline), but the Johnnies already have a two-man point guard rotation in Jamal Branch (eligible in December) and Phil Greene, with D`Angelo Harrison also able to bring the ball up the court.

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