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NBA Summer League destinations for the Johnnies

Dwight Hardy tries to make a strong impression on the NBA with a Summer League invite.
Dwight Hardy tries to make a strong impression on the NBA with a Summer League invite.

The NBA Summer League is a rite of passage for rookies and those who strive to just get a chance in the National Basketball Association. Last year, the lockout eliminated the fun of the summer league; this year, the summer league is back with a vengeance.

St. John's has a number of recent program stars who will all get some time on the court for an NBA team.

For a player like Moe Harkless, who will sign a guaranteed contract and will be closely scrutinized in the NBA Summer League, the games are a chance to show the full range of ability. But for the others, summer league games are one of the few chances a player gets to intrigue NBA GM's.

  • Dwight Hardy reports that he will be on the Miami Heat's summer league squad.
  • D.J. Kennedy will try to extend his end-of-season contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers into a longer-term deal, running with their summer league team in Las Vegas. Kennedy scored 12 points in his debutt with the Cavs in April.
  • Japan B-League MVP and bouncy big man Justin Burrell has been invited to play with the Golden State Warriors summer league team.
  • D-League star wing Anthony Mason Jr. was at the NBA's D-League "Elite Camp" - no word yet as to whether he will be on the NBA D-League summer league squad, made of select Developmental League players. We will know more when the rosters are published.

All four will be in the Las Vegas Summer League starting on July 13. The Las Vegas games should be available on,

Maurice Harkless will be in the Orlando Summer League with the 76ers, which begins on July 9th.

Full rosters and schedules for both leagues will be published soon, as the players vie for a training camp invite, and maybe even a contract with their respective teams - or with another squad that sees the potential in the player.

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