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Weekly Rumble, 8-10

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Congrats to the US Soccer women, who brought home the gold medal. <strong>Megan Rapinoe</strong> and <strong>Alex Morgan</strong>, pictured.
Congrats to the US Soccer women, who brought home the gold medal. Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, pictured.

Facebook agrees to tighten its privacy policies, after the FTC called them out for sharing locations and status updates with advertisers... a great point for those afraid to turn on two-step verification on their Google logins (like me)... a ten-year old won a bronze medal back in 1896; who are the youngest competitors in this year's Olympics? Seven Cameroonians fled the Olympic Village to avoid going back; here is a brief history of Olympic defectors... is Alex Morgan the next Mia Hamm?

And a great long read on Urban Meyer and why family comes first this time. Sounds corny, but includes great insight.

Now, your St. John's links from the Rumble - in case you missed any of the articles the first time. Right now, the link dump is the biweekly Rumble, but we're trying to get more regular than that... if you will. Read on about what we've covered in the past two weeks.

Big East Commissioner search

On the importance of the Big East's next head coaching hire: New commissioner coming soon for Big East

More details about some of the names - and an optimistic dollar figure for a deal from "Sources": Big East Commissioner search update: Jack Mula

The current St. John's squad: Amir Garrett

Amir Garrett is moving up a level in the Cincinnati Reds organization after putting together some solid outings: Movin' on up: Cincinnati Reds promote Amir Garrett to Single A

On Twitter, we retweeted that both Chris Obekpa and Felix Balamou have been declared eligible. Two fewer players to worry about.

Former Johnnies in action: Moe Harkless, Justin Burrell, Keegan Bradley

Maurice Harkless was the big news. He was traded to the Orlando Magic in a blockbuster deal for Dwight Howard. What Harkless stands to gain: Dwight Howard's trade would be Maurice Harkless' gain | and more on the roster situation in Orlando, which has an aging set of wings: Maurice Harkless to Orlando = More Harkless

Dwight Hardy signes with a higher level Italian team: St. John's Dwight Hardy signs with SS Felice Scandone Avellino Sidigas of Italy

Justin Burrell's post-college career is going well: Alumni update: Justin Burrell's career is on the rise

Burrell and Paris Horne joined Chris Mullin for a benefit basketball game called the Malone Mulhall Benefit, and Tim Dimas was in attendance. Mullin, Burrell, Horne star at the Malone Mulhall Benefit Game

In golf, Quinn Rochford is covering Keegan Bradley's PGA weekend: St. John's golf alum Keegan Bradley storms to win, attempts to defend PGA title

And we keep an eye on Johnnies who have left. Omari Lawrence is trying to get back on track: Former Johnnies guard Omari Lawrence tries to resurrect his career at Kansas State

Red Storm soccer season!

The men's side looks to be competitive again in their division. Soccer men picked to win Red Division; women picked sixth

St. John's recruiting

Darrick Wood, you may have noticed, didn't sign in the spring despite committing. Now we know he's looking to shore up his grades in JUCO: Report: Darrick Wood considering junior college

St. John's loses an emerging talent to UConn: Name recognition pulls NY forward Kentan Facey away to Connecticut

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