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Carlos Galan to prep school in Iowa

Per Zach Braziller, onetime St. John's prospect Carlos Galan is on the move.

Galan, a spindly 6'1" 2013 guard, grew up in the Dominican Republic before moving to the Bronx, where he has continued to learn English. He played with Gompers High School side to side with his friend from the DR, Yohan Almonte. Per MaxPreps, Galan averaged 23.4 points per game for Gompers.

At age 19, Galan is too old to continue in PSAL basketball, and must find a new place to finish his US high school career. More on his new school, below the fold.

Carlos Galan had interest from St. John's and Iowa State in the past. Now he travels to Promise Academy at Quakerdale Prep, a school with a Christian focus located an hour northwest of Ames (where Iowa State is), in the empty and sparse part of the state. The new locale is far from the Bronx; the town does not have a stoplight.

The Promise Academy is a privately-funded offshoot of the Quakerdale organization, a not-for-profit that provides schooling and counseling services in a number of locations in Iowa. The Quakerdale Prep program advertizes online classes, national exposure, and quality training.

From their website, on their prep program:

The program is the first of its' [sic] kind in Iowa to provide student-athletes with a positive and safe environment to increase their academic readiness for college as well as further their skills on the court.

Good luck to Galan. St. John's and Galan haven't been linked recently, and its quite possible that the Steve Lavin's recruiting sights have turned to other, more heralded prospects. Galan will be joined by a number of Chicago-area players who look to be mid-major or low-major prospects (roster).

For your enjoyment, a video from the Des Moines register on Quakerdale Prep.

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