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Assistant coach search update: Lavin could hire former UCLA star Darrick Martin

Ever since Mike Dunlap took the leap to the NBA with the Charlotte Bobcats, all we've done is speculate who his replacement would be.

First it was Tom Abatemarco from the University of Colorado. Then it was Frank Allocco from De La Salle High School. Now, as Lenn Robbins of the New York Post reported on Sunday, it could be basketball lifer Darrick Martin.

It makes sense, actually. Martin played at UCLA in the early 1990's, just as Steve Lavin first went to Westwood as an assistant himself.

As a point guard at UCLA, Martin was a pass-first, high assist player. At the end of his collegiate career, he stood as the second all-time assist leader for the Bruins.

Martin extended his playing career both across the NBA and overseas until the mid-2000's. After being waived by the Toronto Raptors in 2008, he stayed with the organization as a consultant.

Lavin would love to fill the seat left vacant by Dunlap sooner rather than later, and you can bet bringing in a former UCLA Bruin would make a comfortable and familiarizing fit. After all, he does already have one of his former UCLA players in Rico Hines on the bench.

As Robbins reported on Sunday, the two had dinner recently discussing the possibilities of bringing Martin aboard the Red Storm's staff. Rumble in the Garden will have more information as this story progresses.

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