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Red Storm announces that John Starks will attend "Dribble for the Cure"

John Starks will be at Dribble for the Cure on September 22nd, just another example of <strong>Steve Lavin's</strong> connections to the NBA.
John Starks will be at Dribble for the Cure on September 22nd, just another example of Steve Lavin's connections to the NBA.

There will be a familiar face on the St. John's campus at what is now becoming a familiar event.

John Starks, the former New York Knicks star point guard of the 1990's, will attend "Dribble for the Cure" on September 22nd. The athletics department announced the exciting news on Tuesday afternoon.

Known best for his Garden-shaking left-handed slam over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan in the 1993 playoffs, Starks still remains an active face of New York City basketball 14 years after his last game with the Knicks. He averaged 12.5 points over his extensive 14-year professional career in New York, Golden State, Chicago, and Utah.

More, below the fold.

Starks' attendance at the event will be added to the continually-growing list of former and current NBA players to visit St. John's under Steve Lavin's helm. The Red Storm head coach has strong connections throughout the professional ranks, and attracts respect. Carmelo Anthony conducted a basketball clinic on campus in August.

"St. John's basketball is proud to be associated with the Dribble for the Cure event," said Lavin. "I personally encourage our fans to come join our student-athletes and staff as we collective support this cause."

The event, which will take place a week from this upcoming Saturday, aims to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. For the second year, St. John's University and the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) are teaming up to raise awareness to a disease that affects children all across the world.

Will you be coming to St. John's for "Dribble for the Cure?"

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