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A quick peek at the future of Rumble in the Garden (and SB Nation, too)

Here at Rumble in the Garden, we've been stepping up our game, keeping you abreast of all news of interest to St. John's fans. And just as we're stepping up our game, so are the 322 sites (or so) of the SB Nation network.

The first step? A new logo that we'll be using in the very near future. It's an upgrade - simpler, and cleaner. And it's the first step in some changes that will be visually dramatic but pretty awesome for you all (and for us doing the writing and editing at Rumble in the Garden).


From SB Nation founder Tyler Blezinski:

This is a small, but important sample of what is coming when our network undergoes its most exciting and radical transformation in the eight-year history of the company. A new visual identity here and across the network is only one step we are taking to unite our network of sites. United through individuality is the underlying theme of this project. You’ll notice that our team colors and the unique spirit of our individual community is maintained while making it clear to sports fans that each site is a part of the larger SB Nation network... You can browse through all the new logos on a special page we put together at

Keep reading the Rumble for the changes that will come before the kickoff of college basketball games. If there's enough demand… maybe we'll work on t-shirts.

So keep coming back, react and comment freely, ask questions on the blog posts, even write a Fan post if you're feeling the mood overtake you.

We love having you here, and Rumble in the Garden is only going to get better. Look out for some looks back on last men's basketball season as we get ready to analyze the coming season as well.

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