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Report: Rysheed Jordan practices, expected to return from suspension Tuesday night

Steve Lavin suspended Jordan from the Red Storm's win over Monmouth on Friday.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Rysheed Jordan practiced with St. John's on Monday and is expected to return from his suspension when the team faces Longwood on Tuesday night, sources told Roger Rubin of the New York Daily News.

Jordan, the highly-talented freshman guard from Philadelphia, was suspended for committing a transgression in violation of team rules.  The suspension was announced just hours before the Johnnies' game tipped on Friday evening.

Though Jordan's error in judgment was reportedly minor in nature, head coach Steve Lavin still felt the need to send a message to the young guard.  As of Friday night, immediately following the Johnnies' win over Monmouth, Lavin had declined to comment on the extent or anticipated length of the suspension, but did offer how Jordan would find himself back with the team.

"If [Rysheed] takes care of his responsibilities, he'll be back with the team.  If he doesn't, he won't," Lavin said.  "Is the [transgression] severe?  No, it's basic.  It's a basic responsibility that our team members must adhere to if they want to participate as student-athletes."

According to Rubin's report, something must have changed between Friday and Monday if Jordan is now expected to be reinstated and return as soon as Tuesday night.  Many speculated whether the suspension was due to factors other than the minor transgression.  Those possibilities have been ruled out.

This marks the second suspension of the season for St. John's, as Chris Obekpa was forced to miss the Red Storm Tip-Off festivities and both of the team's exhibitions for violating a University policy.  Jordan's suspension, as result of a violation of team rules, is different in nature.

Jordan has struggled in the first three games with St. John's, shooting just 23% from the floor and averaging under three assists per game.  But the signs of his talent have been evident, and Lavin and the Red Storm still have high expectations for Jordan's contributions this season.

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