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St. John's vs Humboldt State Lumberjacks photos

St. John's dispatched the Humboldt State Lumberjacks, 106-39, in their last tune-up before non-conference play - before games that count. We'll have a bunch of posts before the Johnnies kick off the season in South Dakota in the intimately small (3200 seat) Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls against the Wisconsin Badgers, but we wanted to share the best of the photos taken by new contributor John Alber from Monday night's game.

Good shots of God`sgift Achiuwa's game, JaKarr, Phil Greene IV's dunk, and even Mike Rice and John Lucas, sitting behind the players who spent the game on the bench (and will most likely redshirt).

Preview content - including a Q and A with Wisconsin site Bucky's 5th Quarter - coming tomorrow. But for now, enjoy the photos... a "calm before the storm," if you will.

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