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Podcast Episode 10: tailspins, warning bells and Longwood jokes

We went very long, had a lot of stamina and wanted to keep pounding at a few topics this week.

Maddie Meyer

Norman of Rumble in the Garden and Dave of On the Banks return for the 10th episode of the second season of Not Half Bad. This time around, St. John’s struggled to pull out wins in 2 of 3 games and Rutgers beat a Division 2 team in Stillman College and then tailspun into the ground the next day with a loss to the horrible Fairleigh Dickinson Knights.

This week:

  • Longwood just didn’t have the stamina to surpass St. John’s—leading to inevitable giggling and alarm bells for Red Storm fans.
  • St. John’s loses a frustrating game to Penn State, which included many defensive mishaps, but then rallied to beat Georgia Tech.
  • Why doesn’t Steve Lavin press early? Norman makes a Jim Fassel Comparison.
  • Drexel is better than Dave gives them credit for.
  • Rutgers puts up 116 on D-2 Stillman College, but sets off more defensive alarm bells.
  • An undermanned Rutgers falls to FDU. Dave goes back 25 years to try and find bright spots while Norman wonders about how much talent is really on the Scarlet Knights.
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