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Not Half Bad podcast episode 6

The podcast returns after a week off.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Not Half Bad podcast returns with St. John's going into the Hoya game on a 5 game winning streak and the Scarlet Knights on a 4 game losing streak. This recording takes place before Saturday's games.

Dave of On the Banks and Norman of Rumble in the Garden talk about:

  1. Recent Rutgers woes
  2. Is Eli Carter the right fit? Does he even belong in the Big East?
  3. St. John's since the last Rutgers game: consistent both for good and bad traits.
  4. The rolling Johnnies and the changes with the team
  5. Dom Pointer - they player you want on your team
  6. Tough road ahead for St. John's
  7. The future for Rutgers aka the Silver Linings Playbook
  8. Is Mike Rice in trouble?
  9. Rutgers Recruiting

Download 20 MB, 42 minutes

Not Half Bad Episode 5 - right-click to download, or play in the player below. Like it? Hate it? Tell us about it!

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