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2013 NCAA Tournament brackets (while we wait for St. John's fate)

You know you want to look at a bracket.

One of these teams is going to the NCAA Tournament.
One of these teams is going to the NCAA Tournament.

While we wait for the NIT Bracket reveal at 9:00 PM - no, St. John's didn't make the NCAA Tournament with the 16-15 record - you all know you need a NCAA Tournament bracket to start toodling with.

SB Nation, of course, has got brackets for you so you can pick Duke to lose in the first round or New Mexico to raise the trophy in April (neither are Norman-quotable selections. Don't start laying down rent or mortgage payments on that advice ).

BLANK printable 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket is right here - no names at all.

BLANK 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket with the "second round" filled in - bracket with participant names filled in, except for play-in games.

EDITABLE 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket in Excel - a cool new feature SB Nation is doing this year via SkyDrive. You can edit it before downloading.

The Rumble is coming with coverage of the NIT selection, at 9 PM. We also have a quick primer on the NIT process.