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2013 NCAA Tournament pick'em challenge with the Rumble

The Rumble's 2nd Annual Tourney Bracket Challenge.


We all love being right. And the Rumble provides an opportunity to pick winners in the main bracket, even as we cover the National Invitation Tournament (and what we hope will be a long, long run for the Red Storm). Come and join our bracket!

No money involved, just the warm feeling of knowing you were right.

I will broadcast results via the Rumble site (so let me know if you have a pseudonym on the Pick Em that I wouldn't recognize). I might also post on Facebook, but I don't go there every day.

For this Yahoo! bracket, we're whipping out a little incentive to pick upsets - a seed difference addition/ bonus that gives you points for picking lower-seeded teams correctly.

If you correctly select a lower-seeded team, you will earn a bonus of the difference between the seeds times the bonus multiplier for the round (we have out multipliers at 1, so you earn the difference in the seeds. So if you pick a 15 over a 2 and get it right, you get 13 more points!

Pick Points Seed Difference Multiplier
Round of 64 1 pts 1x seed diff
Round of 32 2 pts 1x seed diff
Reg. Semis 4 pts 1x seed diff
Reg. Finals 8 pts 1x seed diff
Semifinals 16 pts 1x seed diff
Championship 32 pts 1x seed diff