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Midday rumbles: news and links from around college sports 4/8/13

Let's get this offseason started.

RIP Margaret Thatcher, British PM and controversial trailblazer.
RIP Margaret Thatcher, British PM and controversial trailblazer.
David Levenson

The offseason is upon us after tonight's Louisville vs Michigan National Championship game (and it should be a really good one), which means it's time to start doing the link dumps... because a lot of little things go on during the offseason, and it's hard to keep them in one place.

Just as the authorities ask on public transportation: If you see something [interesting], say something [in the comments]. And if it fits, we'll slide it into an upcoming Rumble. They should be coming semi-daily, so check back in the mornings!


Extortion charges coming for Eric Murdock, the man responsible for releasing the video of Mike Rice's abhorrent actions? The timeline of the video and release could leave him exposed.

Rumble_icon_x-small_copy_medium New Big East officials still have to work out the nuts and bolts of putting a conference together - including a commissioner, an overseer of officials, and schedules. Two things we know from this article - teams will play every day of the week (instead of the Thursday-Saturday that many of the smaller leagues perfer), and the Creighton Athletic Director says that the league will "to to make [Fox Sports] happy" with their decisions. (Just so it's clear who's running this joint.)


DePaul's Moses Morgan, a 6'6" wing who is friends with Amir Garrett, is transferring ($) with one year of eligibility remaining. Morgan was brought to DePaul to be a sharpshooter in Oliver Purnell's first recruiting class, but couldn't find consistency in the Blue Demons' system. Good luck to him; I was of the opinion that part of the reason DePaul has struggled is because Purnell has mismatched pieces, guys who are talented but don't fit his ideal constant-pressure system.


DePaul will be playing in the CBE Classic next season in Kansas City, by the way. Included in the group will be Texas, Wichita State, and Brigham Young. The four-team tournament will be televised on ESPN.


Excellent piece on the muddled/ hypocritical message of the NCAA's leadership and whistle blowing, including some quotes from Mike Krzysewski on the assistant who blew open the Dave Bliss/ Brian Dennehey scandal.

Best funny video: Melissa McCarthy and Saturday Night Live parody the on-court abuse that got Mike Rice fired; McCarthy plays the coach of Middle Delaware State.

Best emotional video: Gregg Marshall addresses his Wichita State Shockers team. As Raphielle Johnson put it, all this video needs is the Friday Night Lights theme music. Explosions in the Sky is scoring this video as we speak. (OK, I'm not telling the truth. They're asleep.)