NCAA Shows Water is for Hydration, Not Vehicle Cleanliness

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to the wonderful world of the NCAA. A realm of existence where only the most minuscule violations go punished. Why? Well, because any actual investigating or work by the governing body of college sports will surely end up in some form of scandal where Mark Emmert is doing his best to pass the buck while universities or (more likely) student-athletes pay the price.

In yet another example of the NCAA's inability to have the ability to operate as a functioning governing body, the institution has apparently suspended a Portland Pilots golf player in the WCC for using her university's water to clean her car. So -- for those of you keeping track -- water is solely meant for hydration as well as for cleanliness and under no circumstance to make your vehicle look proper for the weekend.

I am not alone in my disgust over punishing the student-athlete (mind you, who does not get paid). Portland basketball head coach, Eric Reveno, took to the mean streets of Twitter to vent his frustrations over the NCAA.

Just heard about two NCAA violations in WCC.1) athlete using Univ. water to wash car, 2) coach text recruit "who is this?". #stopinsanity

— Eric Reveno (@CoachReveno) May 29, 2013

Oh, you noticed that too? The second part where a coach violated one of the most unavoidable rules in the NCAA rule book. Yes sir, that is correct -- a coach is apparently being reprimanded for not knowing he was texting a player. Granted, or really apparently because the NCAA says so, the coach should have known better and should have done a better job of organizing his contact list in his Blackberry.

Reveno claims this is not a joke. Still, I find myself hesitant to fully believe that these things are actually true. I mean, the NCAA can't be this inept at their job, can they? It isn't like they currently have that whole Miami Hurricanes debacle currently hovering over their craniums or anything.

Sadly this is just more of the same for the NCAA. An institution who does everything to treat college sports in a business in every way, but making sure they could do whatever they can to avoid paying players while doing so in fictional-name of amateurism.

For the record it should be noted that a spokesperson for the WCC has yet to comment on the matter. That is either because Reveno is playing a really awesome practical joke or even the spokesperson for the league cannot come up with an adequate amount of spin to keep them from constantly making left turns. Turns, at the end of the day, that keeps resulting in players being punished for the NCAA's inability to take accountability, use common sense or enforce a level of logic that my four-year-old uses while making the decision whether or not to cross the road by herself.

I wish I could tell you that something this ridiculous will help thrust even more national disgust towards the NCAA and force them to do a massive overhaul from the top down. However, if we have learned anything while following all things NCAA related, it is that accountability and fixing what is wrong is not exactly strong characteristics they have -- well, unless it is for them to wield their form of misguided justice to help ruin a student-athlete's life or change the perception of a young kid forever.

The NCAA continues to be like Teflon. We throw things like the Miami situation in their face and in return they raise the ante by dishing out punishment because a kid wanted her whip to be shiny. NCAA logic: As real and sensible as Dora the Explorer talking to a bunch of animals while yelling at some inanimate object that only we can presume is us.

Just fantastically awesome.

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