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Afternoon Rumble: continuing rivalries, waiting for a Big East Commissioner

Around the Big East, and college basketball.

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The Big East Commissioner search has moved on from Jamie Zaninovich and Dave Gavitt to someone likely on the business side of Major League Baseball or the National Basketball Association.

Drunken Tiger Woods for no good reason, y'all!

That's considered outside the box, but the league search is focused on managers with marketing/ business experience to help build the brand of the Big East. A commissioner is helpful for crafting early-season attention-grabbing series like the Big East/ SEC challenge, which will not be played this year - the contract expired. (h/t @UnderTheEl)

Around the Big East

Rumble_icon_x-small_copy_medium New commit for Hoyas! The grey-clad Georgetowners received a verbal commitment from 2014 guard Tre Campbell. He was considered a mid-major prospect but a hot year playing at St. John's College HS in D.C. piqued the interest of the Hoyas, Maryland, and others; he should start next year as a top-100 prospect.

Rumble_icon_x-small_copy_medium Xavier's Chris Mack is not averse to looking at transfers.

You know what they’ve done in college basketball. No matter how talented freshmen are, there’s still that unknown of how they’ll adjust to the speed of the game, the quickness of the game, the coaching. But you know that when you get a transfer, they’ve gone through scouting reports. They’ve lifted in a college program. They’ve competed every day in long, grueling practices. That’s a huge benefit, knowing that they’re going to bring those experiences. And at the same time you can also see how they’ve responded on the floor and again, what their resume tells you who they are as a player.

Rumble_icon_x-small_copy_mediumSeton Hall and Rutgers will continue series, per Jerry Carino.

Hall coach Kevin Willard said the programs are targeting the first full weekend in December for the non-conference clash between the former Big East foes. It will take place either Friday, Dec. 6 or Sunday, Dec. 8. Rutgers football plays South Florida at home on Dec. 7.

The rivalry game will be held at Rutgers this year, with Seton Hall hosting the following season in what will be an alternating home-and-home pattern.

The greatest rivalry that no one knows about - I mean, the greatest rivalry in all of New Jersey continues, with a completely different Rutgers team and a Seton Hall team that will be trying hard to wipe the stink of an injury-filled down year off the books.

Rumble_icon_x-small_copy_mediumVillanova and Syracuse will continue series, playing a home-and-home and then a neutral court game in Madison Square Garden in 2015-16 that could be part of a college basketball doubleheader.

One forgets sometimes that the Garden is not only for the Johnnies... conversely, the Johnnies are not only for the Garden, right? More from our Syracuse pals and our Villanova homies. there a particularly interesting Villanova/ Syracuse game you remember? I can think of awesome Syracuse/ Georgetown games... but maybe I have blinders on when it comes to Villanova things.


The best Twitter account of the week: @FloridaMan

For the uninitiated, some crazy [mess] happens in the state of Florida, a creative mess of petty crime, drunkenness, drug use, poverty, and straight-up bizarre behavior.

For example.

Best retro 90s video

Esthero - "That Girl". Supposedly she is streaming a new album on YouTube, but it ain't up yet... so this is what you get. From 1998, this was one of my jams. (It was apparently in the soundtrack of "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". I'm more of a "Final Destination" guy, myself.)