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Around the Big East (and friends) 6-11

Seton Hall, DePaul, Rutgers, and the American Conference all get some love today. As does the Second Avenue Subway.


Around the region/ league

Rumble logoSeton Hall's disgruntled center Kevin Johnson is trying to transfer. "Trying", because Seton Hall is currently blocking his move to Cal State-Northridge, where Amir Garrett will suit up. The issue is tampering; a former Seton Hall assistant Chris Pompey is the Associate Head Coach for the Cal State-Northridge Matadors.

Rumble logo

DePaul has picked up a transferring Illinois player (a.k.a. a Chicago player they missed out on the first time) named Myke Henry. He spoke to ESPN:

"I really like what they have to offer me," Henry wrote in a text. "I like the style of play that the coaches run. I like it because it's a new start for me, and I think I can really help them get this thing off the ground."

Rumble logoSpeaking of transfers, Jerome Seagears left the cauldron of Rutgers, transferred to Auburn, and after a few weeks in Alabama, is leaving Tony Barbee's program. Strong rumors have him coming back to the Scarlet Knights.

I mean, Auburn won 9 games last year, we can understand why Seagears would pull a Shane Larkin. On the Banks takes a hopeful look at a Rutgers with a full roster and a coach who doesn't throw balls.

Rumble logoThe American Athletic Conference (heretofore referred to as "the American" or "those other guys") will hold their men's basketball championship at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, from March 12-15.

Can Beale Street Magic replace Garden Magic? Maybe. It'll be a faster trip for Memphis, Louisville, and Cincinnati partisans, and the fans of the northeast outpost of the conference (a.k.a. Connecticut) might enjoy a trip to that river city.

Marquette's women's team announces their non-conference schedule, by the way.

Rumble logoThe American Conference's Women's Basketball Tournament will be held in Connecticut at Mohegan Sun - not Hartford, as in the past. The Big East Tournament had been held in Hardtford since 2004. Apparently, though, BIg East coaches have lobbied for Mohegan Sun - closer amenities and a smaller arena

Unrelated - Best mash-up

NBC's Brian Williams dropping a verse from Warren G's classic, "Regulate"

Unrelated - Second Avenue Subway

It'll look like this on your map. The "T" train.

Second Avenue Subway Map

Unrelated - Best unreleased summertime music

Cut Copy with a new song called "Explorers"