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St. John's new uniforms - updated renderings

The new uniforms reach back to earlier styles.


Since St. John's signed the Under Armour deal for exposure and fresh new threads, fans have been excited to see the new looks - hoping they would be reverential and referential, not garish and Adidas-like.

The REAL new uniforms are here for St. John's. And there's a different look for non-conference and conference.

First, let's discuss the skyline motif. Back in 1994, Felipe Lopez graced the cover of Sports Illustrated with the then-new look - red, white, with yellow trim, and the skyline on the shorts. There was a lot to that look, and to the logo.

Today, Steve Lavin tweeted out the first look at the new uniforms. We thought we'd seen the new version in the Fox Sports commercial and we thought we had a hint over the summer, but these are different. There's a bit of line work around the torso and underarms. Unlike the old Nike Hyper Elite look from last year, the watermark style image is on the front, not the back, with a skyline motif so you know St. John's is in New York.

Non-conference home:

The conference look is decidedly old-school, with a different logo and a different number font - and no skyline. Not sure if I've seen a team with different looks for conference and non-con, but it's interesting. And the new look reaches back to the 80's and the logo one used to see on the streets of Queens fairly often.

And conference home


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