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Evening Rumble: the Diallo/ Briscoe dream is alive, Jakarr Sampson vs Orlando Sanchez, more links

Another vote for Rysheed Jordan as a breakout candidate, DePaul's new arena and HBO without cable.

John Alber

This Friday is Red Storm Tip-Off; meanwhile, a couple of former players played against each other last night. In the NBA.

Rumble tiny iconIf you follow recruiting, this is a tasty, tasty nugget:

The dream of an ace recruiting class of Briscoe and Diallo is alive! (And maybe Brandon Sampson too.) By the way, Briscoe doesn't want a coach who yells at him and embarrass him, so you know.

Rumble tiny iconAnother vote for Rysheed Jordan as a breakout player in this year's college basketball season, this time from SB Nation.

Coach Steve Lavin praised Jordan late last year, noting his improvement from the beginning of the season to the end. After a summer of working on his game, Jordan can make a run at All Big East honors.

Rumble tiny iconOrlando Sanchez and Jakarr Sampson were on the court together last night:

Sampson got a start and contributed solidly, putting up nine points on 3/4 shooting, even hitting a three-pointer AND going 2/3 from the free throw line. Sampson also had four rebounds (all defensive), one assist, one foul, one steal and three turnovers in the 84-77 loss to the New York Knicks in Syracuse.

Orlando Sanchez played for a minute and logged no statistics.

Rumble tiny iconDePaul's future arena is scheduled for a groundbreaking this winter.

Note, once again, that it's not actually DePaul's arena - it's owned by the city's Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (McPier), the group that owns the convention center, and will be leased by DePaul for their needed dates.

But DePaul is putting in $70 million towards the effort.

ALSO: we commented on ESPN's preview of the Big East.

On other tracks

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