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AM Rumble: hope, hot seats, new rankings

John Alber

Today's Morning Rumble.

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Big East Coast Bias has three reasons for hope for the Red Storm - including the St. John's Red Storm having one of the country's best backcourts, an older Rysheed Jordan, D`Angelo Harrison being the best senior, and the light non-conference schedule.

To rebut - not that there are not reasons for hope - Harrison's scoring might not go up much and a weak non-conference schedule might be a chance for players to acclimate - or a chance to ignore serious flaws. The game will tell the truth.

The post is part of a series on Reasons for Hope for each Big East team.

Rumble tiny iconOur friends at Bucky's 5th Quarter (the Wisconsin blog) have created new rankings and run simulations for men's college basketball... but only for the Big Ten.

Spoiler alert: the system doesn't rank St. John's very highly, and I would say it's very harsh on the Johnnies (and way too laudatory of the Butler Bulldogs).

Rumble tiny iconSteve Lavin has landed on a "hot seat" list, and no coach wants that kind of chatter around him.

NBC Sports' blurb:

St. John’s made a NCAA Tournament appearance in its first season with Lavin at the helm, but hasn’t reached the Big Dance in three seasons since. Recruiting efforts have also taken a slight dip, as Lavin didn’t land any blue-chippers in 2014 and has yet to land any commitments in 2015.

Lavin is fairly low on the list; and given the drama around the team in the past few years, is his inclusion on the list fair?

On other tracks

Violation by Adobe --> Are you an e-book user? Do you use an Adobe product, specifically their DE4 app? The company might be scraping more data on you than you think - and making it easily readable, a security breach.

Then again, that level of access may be in their terms of use so... you may have agreed to it and just not read page 38 section B (or wherever the legal permissions are). Or not; the digital rights section of the internet is up in arms about this, and this seems like an egregious violation when you read the detail.

Beats by Dre --> Do you remember the line in Eminem's "Guilty Conscience" [video] when Em's character says to Dr. Dre, "you gonna take advice from someone who slapped Dee Barnes?" The violence behind that - and Dre's other known incidences of beating women in public and private, laid out in an article on Medium.

Devout Jewish Mobsters --> Your longread of the day comes from Tablet Magazine on Jewish Mobsters who observed all of the religious rituals despite routinely breaking the Ten Commandments. [link]