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As you know, it was closer than it should have been. And the Humboldt State squad came home with what they were looking for - a confidence building performance. Fom California's Eureka Times-Standard:

For St. John's fans, the squad's play - and the omission of big center Adonis Delarosa - raised some questions, though Chris Obekpa and D`Angelo Harrison shined. And Obekpa's short-shorts were an interesting sartorial choice for viewers to ponder.

From the New York Daily News:

Lavin said that 7-foot freshman Adonis DeLaRosa is not yet in good enough shape to where he can get in a game (he didn't play Saturday). So Obekpa said "it means I have to step up more. Everybody needs to step up with their rebounding."

Obekpa may be interested in getting a tailor as well. The center pulled the bottoms of his shorts up from the inside because he said that when they get wet with perspiration they feel heavy on his knees. It was effective, though at times he looked like he was wearing a diaper.

"I just like pulling them up there," he said. "It's working."

See our Game Notes and Game Recap (and a solid Fanpost from the seats), and we will have a preview of St. Thomas Aquinas to come, along with a gameday thread for you to comment on.

But for now, enjoy the action from the game in photo form, taken by Rumble phtotog John Alber. D`Angelo Harrison's faces, in particular, are worth the minutes it'll take to click through the photo set.