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Discount tickets to see St. John's vs Tulane in the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival

Interested in paying a little less to see the Johnnies live in Brooklyn again this year on December 28?

I see you nodding your head yes. And thinking about how that's the point where you need a palate cleanser for an overdose of Christmas food (and maybe too much family time).

The Barclays Center is extending a ticket offer through Rumble in the Garden for interested fans - so take a look, pass along to friends. The Rumble will likely be there for the game.

This year, St. John's is the early game against the American Athletic Conference's Tulane - so you can see what it would have looked like, perhaps, if the Big East didn't break up (Tulane joined just before the basketball schools broke off and took the name with them).

The full slate of games, at pretty affordable prices:

  • St. John’s vs. Tulane – 12:00PM
  • LIU-Brooklyn vs. Hofstra – 2:30PM
  • Fairfield vs. Loyola Maryland – 5:00PM
  • Ticket Prices

    $46.50 each – regular price is $56.50 each, courtside seats
    $33.25 each – regular price is $40.00 each, lower level center
    $20.00 each – regular price is $25.00 each, lower level endzones/corners and mid-level center
    $13.00 each – regular price is $15.00 each, mid-level endzones and corners

    To access this offer, please use special offer code: winter and use this link to purchase discounted tickets to the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival.