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St John's on wrong side of the bubble, but inching closer

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Petr Dosek via Flickr

This is probably too soon.

But I know some readerws are thinking about it - so let's talk about the bubble.

According to CBS's Jerry Palm, the Red Storm are 62 in the RPI, with the 33rd-ranked strength of schedule. Now, a week ago, the talk of the bubble would be ridiculous.

It's still a little far from realistic, but, with a win over a top-25 RPI team and a surge that looks like it's sticking around longer than your layabout cousin, maybe we should talk about the bubble. Since many others already are.

Jerry Palm's blurb on CBS:


Losses against Penn State and DePaul will hurt. The Johnnies have one more chance for a real marquee win on the road against Villanova, but other than that, their margin for error is extremely slim. Thge Big East may not be daunting, but it is very competitive.

Georgetown and Providence are ahead of the Johnnies in the RPI standings. Seton Hall, even in St. John's better years, have given the Johnnies a real run for their hoops money.

A road loss to Seton Hall or a home loss to a Georgetown team that also has enjoyed some serious beatings of D`Angelo Harrison and St. John's could turn the sweet hope of the NCAA Tournament sour.

"We feel like we can beat anyone right now, the way we’re playing," Sampson said, as reported in Mike Vaccaro's column. In that column, Vaccaro asked if 5-2 in the last seven games will be good enough, or even 4-3.

How many games do you think the Johnnies have to win to get in? Your predictions, please.