Obekpa out for 10 to 14 Days after injuring ankle in practice, Sanchez's time to shine?

John Alber

This team cannot catch a break. On the eve of the Butler game, just as they have hit their stride and are looking to make an NCAA tournament run, the Johnnies have been dealt yet another blow. Chris Obekpa who has been wowing us with his offensive surge these past few weeks has injured his ankle in a practice mishap yesterday.

I had just finished posting a comment on how Butler cannot match St.John's talent level and that storm fans should start to expect to dominate weaker teams in the garden. That lasted about five minutes. The premise was our depth and how even an injury could be absorbed if needed. Unfortunately the Johnnies are severely lacking depth at the four and five once Obekpa is removed from the equation.

This is Orlando Sanchez's chance to log some big minutes and get his game really going. He has the talent to put it on the floor and attack the rim and if he does that we might not notice Obekpa's absence. His defense may not be as strong but his ability to hit shots will be key. Jak and Dom are going to gave to help him protect the rim. If Orlando gets into foul trouble it could get dicey. Gift will have to be ready to battle and if Lav wants he can just leave Dom and Jak on the floor with Sheed, D and Phil. This team has battled so much adversity I think they will handle this bump in the road. Nova and Xavier are looming so this be a real test.

Time for the Primo and the Prince show at the Garden. I have a feeling Orlando is ready to shine.

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