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Open thread: 2014 Big East Tournament games 1-2


The Big East Tournament starts tonight with Butler and Seton Hall at 7:00 PM and Georgetown falling to DePaul playing DePaul around 9:30. (We'll have the St. John's previews in the morning, if you're wondering. )

The action will all be on Fox Sports 1. Bill Raftery and Gus Johnson will see Seton Hall for the first time live (and then they will avert their eyes). The fans will be - well, we hope they will be there and aren't just waiting for tomorrow's games to really get into gear.

And we'll be watching. Come by and comment on the game action; I'll keep a running log unless I'm out walking the dog. Four jam-packed days before the championship game.

Everyone has a chance. For at least one more game.


Can any of tonight's teams go on a magical run? Butler has been playing better of late, and Georgetown isn't that different from the cluster of good-not-great teams like St. John's, Providence, Marquette and even Xavier.

Are you feeling the loss of the likes of Syracuse and Connecticut? Are you feeling nostalgic?