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St. John's forward JaKarr Sampson signs with an agent

Sampson, surrounded in the Robert Morris loss.
Sampson, surrounded in the Robert Morris loss.
John Alber

Good luck to JaKarr Sampson, the 6'9" sophomore forward who declared his intentions to leave the St. John's program and play professional ball two weeks ago. He has crossed the point of no-return-to-college-basketball - Sampson has has signed with an agent.

Seth Cohen is an agent with Verus Management Agency, a three-person group consisting of two Cleveland-based partners and Cohen, who resides in Miami. Their NBA client roster consists of former Providence player Marshon Brooks (they had signed Ricky Ledo but he is no longer with the group). The Verus Management Agency's other clients are forward Tyler Wilkerson, who plays in Israel, and former Florida Gulf Coast player Sherwood Brown, who also plies his hoops trade in Israel.

Under "Achievements", the Verus group lists "rare guaranteed NBA contract for 2nd round draft pick" and "rare guaranteed NBA contract for undrafted free agent player".

As a freshman at St. John's, JaKarr Sampson led the Big East in two-point field goal attempts made and taken. He scored a then-career-high 22 in losing efforts on the road against Providence and on the road against San Francisco in 2012-13.

Sampson has an uphill climb to the NBA; most draft pundits have Sampson as a second-round pick at best. He hopes his athletic upside convinces a team to bring him in as developmental player.