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The Rumble is looking for writers!

The Rumble wants to expand... join the team!

The Rumble is looking for dedicated writers, social media savvy managers, and creative folks to help us cover the full range of St. John’s sports.

We’re looking for people with a knack for (or interest in) covering breaking news with speed, accuracy, and with little bias - whether from behind the scenes at the arena or from home.

We’re looking for writers who want more writing experience for the future in journalism or any other field that requires exposition and argumentation (which is EVERY field).

We’re looking for people who can present an argument or summarize a tough game or tough topic quickly and concisely.

We’re looking for people with enthusiasm, realism, a sense of humor, a quick wit, a creative flair.

If any of the above applies, we want to hear from you about joining the Rumble in the Garden team. We currently have Will covering baseball, Andrew doing basketball work, and John as our credentialed photographer, but so much goes on around St. John's athletics that we need your help.

What we’re looking for:

Our strongest candidates will have:

- strong knowledge about St. John’s history along with the recent past
- strong writing skills.
- can identify news, decide what is important, and knows where to locate information.
- is a self-starter who can work with minimal direction and can edit her or his work in AP style.
- can write in line with our best practices and tone.
- is comfortable working in a virtual content environment.

Specifically, some possible roles:

Writers: The writing roles depend on the talents and interests of the writers. We’re looking for writers available to possibly attend games as a credentialed reporter and write recaps. Part of that role - or a possibly separate role - is to also take initiative and write insightful/ informative pieces when news is fresh. Another role could be focused around data-driven storytelling.

Breaking news writer: The Rumble team handles breaking news as a group. But one writer is needed to be on the lookout for breaking pieces and write short but informative articles for the Rumble covering the breaking news.

Social Media Manager: We’re looking for people interested in helping to manage the Rumble’s TwitterFacebook, and Tumblr accounts, while keeping an eye out for other social media outlets that could benefit the site.

Reach out to us at! We want to hear from you!

No, none of these positions are paid, but our former contributor Quinn put it best when he left:

In October of 2011, Norman, the site's manager and editor-in-chief, gave me a chance to realize one of my dreams - to write about St. John's basketball.  My good friend Kieran Lynch, who has since become editor-in-chief at the University's school newspaper, and I had launched our own blog, but couldn't obtain media access.  The Rumble was my avenue.

Since then, I have covered all but two of the Red Storm's home games, either at Carnesecca Arena or Madison Square Garden.  Not everyone can say they've walked through the bowels of the Garden before and after the public doors are closed.  What a unique feeling.  I have also followed the the Johnnies throughout the city and beyond, including to Brooklyn, Providence, Newark and Hartford.

All I ever wanted was to have my voice heard - the voice of a third generation St. John's student and basketball fan.  Having grown up attending games, running around my house sporting a reversible St. John's practice uniform and crying into a pillow the night the Johnnies lost to Gonzaga to get knocked out of the NCAA Tournament (the first time, in 2000), there has been nothing cooler than getting an inside, first-hand look at the program.  The St. John's Athletics team has been nothing but supportive, allowing me that simple chance.