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USA vs Ghana World Cup Open thread

I believe (I believe) I believe that we (I believe that we) I believe that we will win!

Kevin C. Cox

No, it's not St. John's news.

But it's time for us all to get behind the US Men's National Team (oh okay, or another team if you support another squad) as they face the recent nemesis, Ghana.

Wanna know more?: USA vs Ghana preview

Now, I would normally cheer for Ghana - the West African side is fun and talented - but the Ghanaians have beaten the United States in the last two World Cups. They're kind of like what Georgetown was to St. John's before the February 16's 82-60 thrashing at Madison Square Garden.

It's not like one looks at Ghana and think that they are monstrously good (think: Syracuse). But they have talent and they've been together for a while, and they just have has the USMNT's number.

So I, at least, will be racing home (or to a bar) to cheer on the US squad in Brazil tonight at 5:00 PM (Central time. 6:00 PM for you New Yorkers), chanting things like "I believe that we will win", because this is the one big international team sport where the USA's teams are true underdogs. (Well, there's cricket too.)

Join me! Watch a little! Let's talk about the team, the energy of Michael Bradley, the faces of Clint Dempsey, the possible resurgence of Jozy Altiodore, theathleticism of Tim Howard.

Do you think the US can win, or is it a pipe dream?

Can the US get out of the group (earn a top-two finish) when the group contains Portugal and Brazil, who play at midday?

And foir those who miss Landon Donovan - he's been doing commercials like this: